Triple-header: Melonport, Metamask, and DFINITY

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Reto Trinkler ( will give a high level introduction to the Melon protocol, an in-depth analysis of the smart contracts that make up the protocol and a short demo of the protocol in action. Melonport ( is the private company building the open-source Melon Protocol; the Melon protocol is a blockchain protocol for digital asset management built on Ethereum. Reto is CTO of Melonport and host of Zurich's Blockchain Hacklab.

Dan Finlay ( and Kevin Serrano ( will share some of their latest work on Metamask (, and will give a look at the future of using Ethereum in the web browser. Dan and Kevin are half of the MetaMask team, which is working to bring Ethereum to ordinary browsers.

We also will hear from Dominic Williams ( of String Labs ( on DFINITY ( Here is Dominic's abstract: The DFINITY Foundation is developing an experimental sister network for Ethereum where the traditional "The Code is Law" paradigm will be replaced by "The AI is Law". The project introduces new protocol techniques and cryptography such as Threshold Relay that dramatically improve the performance of the blockchain and lay a path to scalability. After a recent seed crowdfunding, the foundation has $10M in assets, and a main round will run once the test network is live that is capped at 20M CHF.