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The Ethical Humanists of Atlanta meet for discussion, exploration and sharing on topics of ethics, living a life of meaning, and creating a world that is just, equitable, and sustainable. Ethical Societies, which exist in about 22 cities in the US [ http://www.aeu.org ], are humanist and non-theistic (meaning: not believing that our fate is bound to the supernatural or to a God). We can develop more meaningful and fulfilling friendships and a richer community by bringing out the best in others and thereby bringing out the best in oneself.

We meet on the fourth Sunday of each month for a fun time in a thoughtful atmosphere of conversation and sharing. Each meeting will begin with a featured topic in focus. From time to time there may be a guest speaker. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

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Monthly AROMA Meeting

Little Five Points Community

Are you outraged by injustice but don’t know what to do? New to activism or looking to get more connected? Want to support your community in solidarity and love? You are invited to join Activists Recruiting, Organizing and Mentoring in Atlanta (AROMA) for our metro-Atlanta meet and greets every LAST Thursday of the month. These are informal and semi-structured networking events to support the local activist community in ATL. Our relationships are the most important resource we have to win the world we need. You can expect to participate in Activist Speed-Friending, hear more about what it really means to organize for justice, and meet some of the folks on the front lines already doing the work needed to transform society and transition into a better world! You can also expect to start to see how you can be the change, and invitations to participate in efforts for justice right away. If you are able, please BRING FOOD, drinks, or donations to share, and please SPREAD THE WORD by inviting your friends and neighbors! Hope to see you there! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Website: activismatlanta.com Activist calendar: http://activismatlanta.com/activist-calendar Article about AROMA: dailykos.com/story/2014/07/15/[masked]/-AROMA-creating-sustainable-activism-across-Atlanta-movements https://www.facebook.com/events/390869221526250/

Documentary Night: The Altruism Revolution

Unitarian Universalist Northwest Congregation

For documentary night we will be watching The Altruism Revolution. The notion that man is driven by ruthless self-interest has been with us for generations. Now this idea is being challenged by new research in fields as diverse as political science, psychology, sociology and economics. If altruism really is intrinsic in humans, is it possible to build a society and an economy structured around altruistic behavior instead of greed, tribalism and winning at all costs? This film plunges deep into the human mind to explore this idea and find out what really drives us. After the film we will break out into small discussion groups. We will do multiple rounds of small group discussion, then close out the night with a whole group discussion. This event is open to all who are open to all. The one thing we ask is that people allow others to get their full thought out and that any disagreement is voiced in a civil way. At the end we will decide together the topic for the next month's film. Thank you and hope to see you there! Previous Documentaries Shown: Jan. 11: Where To Invade Next Feb. 8: Teach Us All Mar. 8: The Corporation Apr. 5: A New Economy May 10: Minimalism Jun. 14: Alive Inside Jun. 28: All The Rage July 12: What Is Democracy


Martin Luther King Jr Recreation Center And Aquatic Center

"It's time we start having honest, direct conversations about reparations. August will mark the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved people being sold into bondage in America. America used 246 years of enslaving millions of African Americans to enrich, develop, and create our nation. And for the last 154 years, we have avoided confronting this horrific history and its continuing legacy. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee showed leadership by re-introducing H.R. 40, a bill to establish a commission to study reparations proposals for African Americans. And this time, the nation is paying attention like never before." https://www.aclu.org/issues/racial-justice/reparations-racial-justice-america-depends-understanding-truth-our-past If reparations are the right path for America, how do we get there? Come hear community activist Kamau Franklin and others discuss pros and cons of how much the government owes African Americans, equality vs equity. The center is MARTA accessible --- 1 block from MLK Train Station https://www.c-span.org/video/?461767-1/house-judiciary-subcommittee-examines-case-slavery-reparations https://thebarpodcast.com/JT/index.php/2019/03/20/jt-slavery-reparations/ https://www.nationalreview.com/2014/05/case-against-reparations-kevin-d-williamson/ https://www.philosophytalk.org/blog/case-and-against-reparations

Garden Volunteer Day!

1597 Campbellton Rd SW

Come join us at the Campbellton Community Garden! This garden will increase the vitality of the neighborhood by countering the dire food desert that exists in Venetian Hills and Fort McPherson. The garden site is on a vacant lot adopted through the AgLanta "Grows-A-Lot" Program. Through this program, what is now an empty space with will be repurposed to become a force for good, transforming the way we eat, grow, and live in our neighborhood. The Campbellton community garden has the potential to begin generating fresh and healthy options for our neighbors. Join us at 1597 Campbellton Rd. SW to build community through growing fresh food! With your help we can bring better health to the surrounding community! It's hard work but we make sure to make it fun! What to bring: Gloves, hat, sun-protection, closed-toe shoes, water bottle, snack If you have any questions, email Mike McCord at [masked]

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Volunteer at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

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