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Ethos East is a new local community for those interested in learning more about and exploring eastern world philosophies and practices.

Eastern cultures (on the whole) live longer, are healthier, more content, more peaceful, more joyful, more productive, and more balanced than their western counterparts. This is largely due to a vast difference in mindset and lifestyle choices that anyone, regardless of where they live, can adopt, embrace, and benefit from. These lifestyles can also create deeper and more healthy and meaningful connections with those around you.

This emerging community will gather explore some of these concepts and practices through a variety of informative, fun and immersive experiences including topical discussions, workshops, potlucks, arts/crafts, social get-togethers, outings, etc. We'll explore things such as , Ikigai, kodawari, bonsai, feng shui, kanji, kintsugi wellness, senpai/kohai mentoring, Japanese water therapy, directional sleeping, tea ceremonies, radio taiso, and the KonMari Method.

Have something else you'd like to explore? Feel free to suggest or lead! It's all about shared learning and experiences. Let's grow together!

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