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Oct 27, 2011


Your modern RE/MAX Real Estate Agent. I grew-up in Toronto and have a passion for all things Toronto. I enjoy sharing my love of the city with those I come in contact with.

Describe the type of business you are in:

My real estate practice is all about helping people with their housing needs. That would include both houses and condominiums, for people looking to buy, sell or invest. Geographically, I do most of my business in Etobicoke and the west-side of the City, including Mississauga. If you know someone who is thinking of making a move, please let me know! Moves often come about because of life changes - a new job, getting married, getting unmarried, moving to a new city, a growing family or a shrinking family. Ralph Evans Sales Representative RE/MAX Professionals Inc. Brokerage

Meeting a person in what other businesses would have a significant impact on your future success?

I've selected these three categories because they are most likely meeting the kinds of people that would make great clients for my services. 1. Wedding Planner - You are meeting young couples as they are thinking of buying their first home. 2. Family Lawyer/Divorce Lawyer - You are meeting people who may be selling their jointly owned home, and purchasing separate places. 3, Funeral Director - You are meeting people who have finished using their homes and are looking to sell. If you know any of these people, I hope you'll invite them to come out to one of our Networking events, or set up an introduction over coffee or lunch.

What is an ideal client for you?

People looking to buy, sell or invest in a home or a condominium in the Etobicoke area.

How did you find this group?

I created it!