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My apologies for the inactivity of this group or even its beginning.

I had hoped that a lot more females would have joined to make the group more mixed along gender lines. That has not happened which is why the first MeetUp FeetMeet hasn't started.

While there is even a waiting list of fellows to join, I am continuously hopeful of starting up in the fall/winter with more female participation. I will give you all notice when that happens. I truly thank all you fellows for your interest and being so patient.

In the mean time, all those who are currently members can feel free to call me to discuss your interests in foot topics or activities. I may be able to meet on a brief personal basis to discuss your interests and arrange something for you.

If any of you know females who might be interested in joining please refer them or have them give me a call.

Please call and say or leave a message that you are from the MeetUp FeetMeet.

Thank you.

Dina D Paige
416 743 6253

Welcome Feet Enthusiasts!

For those who enjoy an Alternative Lifestyle as much as I do, one of the most interesting aspects to me is “Foot Models and their Admirers”. Drop in and be present for a Mindful Sexuality experience ... exploring our FEET.

Leonardo da Vinci called Feet “A masterpiece of human engineering”

Topics to bring like minded feet people together for a FeetMeet

Visual aesthetics, what makes pretty feet
Interactive discussions
Special topics of interest
Foot modelling
Un-talked about foot fetishes
Yoga feet
Foot and shoe photography
Early childhood feet experiences
Shoes, legs, nylons and hose

My intention is to bring like minded foot people together to explore the different facets of foot admiration. From the visual aesthetics of appreciation, to reflexology, practicing barefoot yoga, to being a shoe-a-holic, to photography, to interactive discussions and posts about why there is such a strong, even primal interest in sexy, beautiful feet.

We will have fun, revealing informative discussions, reflexology practice workshops, featured models and beginners, guest speakers, demonstrations, share stories, have special topics of discussion and the ability to explore our secret passions.

Foot admirers will explore the practice of Mindful Sexuality, focusing on a topic that is one of the most import yet forgotten parts of our bodies... our FEET!

FeetMeets Event and Rules


The location is in a very upscale studio apartment in the west end of Toronto in the Royal York and Dundas area.
The exact location will be provided when you register.
Parking is available in a plaza parking lot across the street from my building.

Scheduled Events

1. WEEKDAYS: On the 1st & 3rd Wed of every month in the evening between 7-9pm

2. WEEKENDS: On the 2nd & 4th Sat of every month in the afternoon between 2-4pm

Member Driven Events

All members will have the opportunity to post their availability, outside of our event schedule, to suggest an alternate date and time that would suit them better. If there is adequate interest in an alternative event date and time, and I am available, I will create a new event.

Member Driven Suggestions

I am very interested in feedback as to what you are interested in talking about or doing so please include your suggestions on the groups daily journals time line.


A minimum of 4 attendees, not including myself, are needed to proceed with an event, otherwise it is automatically cancelled,

"No-Shows" to events are give 3 chances before they will be removed from the group.

Tell your members about yourself.

My name is Dina Dee Paige & I am a proud Alternative Lifestyle individual. I practice consulting, coaching, tutoring and mentoring for those individuals who enjoy living outside the conventional boxes of life. I am a “Foot Enthusiast”!

What would you like to say to new members?

Welcome foot lovers!!! Foot fetishism/voyeurism has existed throughout time yet so many people regard it as a odd. I hear so many men tell me they have such a strong interest in this romantic art yet few women get it until their partners turn them on this pure passion.

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