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Are you waking up to a new reality? One where your voice, your worth and your values are starting to matter to you? Do you feel like whatever dream you have been, or are living, just isn't yours - no matter how good it seems to the people around you?
Are you noticing that living in a mediocre way simply isn't cutting it anymore? And you are getting hyper curious about whats next on your journey?

But mostly, are you motivated to just start taking action?

This group is designed for anyone feeling or sensing that something more than a transition needs to happen in their life.

This group is for those who are looking for disruptions. Disruptions that will move them to their highest potential and more!

We will get together to be around like hearted people that are on similar journeys. We will be discussing all things that could potentially be blocking you, or stopping you from moving towards your greatest dreams, and provide tools that can help you move further down the path of your journey.

How will we do this?

Sometimes it will be through conducting workshops, and others inviting various people of influence to talk about their experiences or expertise, and yet in others, by brainstorming ways that can help you in your own individual personal or professional direction.

Each meet-up will have a topic or a theme that we will take deeper dives into so that you walk away with some tangible ideas that will guide you and get you moving forward and onto your next best steps.

If you are ready to start the conversation of how to up your own life, but may not have the resources, network or a supportive community to help you - then this meet-up is for YOU!

"The two most important days in your life, are the day you were born, and the day you find out why!" Mark Twain

Let us build a community of people to stretch ourselves into what we are really meant to be doing on this planet. Let this community help you get out of your own head and into the next chapter of your life!

This meet up is hosted by the founder of, The Passion Centre. An organization that conducts workshops and programs around the city that helps people break up with lives that they deem mediocre to step into their own aligned lifestyles. TPC has helped people find more meaningful careers, start passion ventures, side hustles, and other forms of projects that are completely aligned to their clients most authentic self. These aspect look deeply at each individuals natural and authentic strengths/talents/skills, values, interests and ideals.

If you are interested in being a part of this unique inclusive and collaborative experience, we would love to have you join! Can't wait to meet and talk everything dreams and strategize on getting them manifested in the 'real' world!

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Breaking Mindset Barriers (On Route To Following Your Dreams)!

MINDSET brain gym Yorkville

Get EXCITED, because Passion Nights is back this month and we are FIRED UP! As the 3rd Thursday of this month lines up with the Easter weekend, NOTE that we will be hosting the night of April 25th instead (The 4th Thursday of April). We look forward to meeting you ALL and in person again! This night will be a VERY special night as we will have a VERY special guest speaking about a VERY special topic! Stay tuned :)))) Each Passion Night is loosely structured to look like this: The first 15 mins is our networking time together to catch up and share insights learned from our last event. If you're new NOT to worry - we will catch you up!! The next 15 minutes we will introduce the space, and our Founder of Passion Nights and The Passion Centre will share her journey and set the intensions for the night. She will share with you, the future vision for Passion Nights meet-up, and provide an outline for what to expect as we continue down this exciting journey together. Then we introduce our speaker for the night who will be arranging a topic where we will all learn some key take aways from based on the theme. This topic will be all about mindset and moving through fear, and obstacles that stop us from putting our passion into action. The latter half of the night we will be doing some really cool exercises and have a chance to take a deeper dive into the fundamentals of our topic and focus on major factors that will help you to develop and enhance your skills!! Maybe a meditation or two??? This is the surprise of the night! What do we promise you??? An amazingly informative and creative night filled with meaningful conversation and inclusion for all participants. JUST IN - The location for the night is at none other than the acclaimed Mindset Brain Gym in Yorkville!!! This is a location and a space you will definitely want to check out. All material will be provided, but if you would rather bring a notepad and pen to take some notes please do. And please bring as many business cards as you would like! This is a space for connection and driving meaningful conversations and relationships. Looking forward to meeting every single one of you!!

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