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A place to post events that just don't quite fit into the other tech-specific meetups in town. Also a place to launch a meetup that will eventually be it's own thing. Also a good place to cross-post other tech events that are not exactly meetups.

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South Eugene Robotics Team Fundraiser @ McMenamins High Street

McMenamins High Street Brewery & Cafe

Yes, this is during Tech Tuesday, but perhaps it can be a progressive party! Here's the scoop, half of ALL SALES go to the team!! They are at their first competition this weekend, and are doing well. Doing well means more competitions. And as they learned last year, qualifying for World's gets very expensive! Come have a pint (or seltzer) for the kids! https://www.facebook.com/events/2312179462147701/?ti=ia Check out www.sert2521.org and https://twitter.com/sert_2521 for updates of our competition.

Special WordPress #TechTuesday IRL@TBL FTW

The Barn Light

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet. It's a mission-driven open-source project designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. There are many folks in town that use wordpress and this Tuesday is yours. Come chat with folks that build sites, provide hosting and love security updates! The most consistently inconsistent Tuesday meeting of the tech community downtown at 5:30PM. Think of it as the IRL version of the Switchboard http://EugBoard.com and the Slack http://eugslack.com Your regular dose of digital creatives hanging out and noodling on projects. This is a great opportunity to see what folks are working on as well as get the inside info on upcoming events and possible collaborations. You'll never know who you might run into. Sometimes there are special editions as we prep for community events or have guest speakers but it's generally unstructured. Just show up and look for the golden unicorn of awesome on one of the main tables. Folk there will be friendly and inviting. Regards, Mark

Open-Data: Innovation Asset Project

Eugene Mindworks

We have a small open-data project. It's an inventory of assets in a study area (Core Eugene) that support innovation. Things like Health & Social Services, Arts, Tech, Social Spaces, Innovation Cultivators, etc. It's a simple list of addresses and a blurb about each one. There will be more data later but this is focused start for a research projects. You can find the starting list of issues to work on at the repo: https://github.com/EugTech/asset-inventory/issues We are using airtable for the back end and will build a jam-stack website and eventually a REST API. If you are interested in contributing or leading the project, please comment below and/or chat us up in the #open-eugene-projects channel in the EugeneTech Slack http://eugslack.com This will be a small and fun project to get our feet wet opening up some regional data!

Tech Summit

The Barn Light

For the Tech oriented and adjacent - Walking meetup - Let's make it to the Skinners Butte summit for sunset (if the grey clears enough). Leaving the Barn Light around 5:15 (currently), Wednesdays unless I can't (but usually I can - I may enlist helpers if I can't)... some people might land at Wildcraft Cider afterwards - but also not due to loud bands warming up. Inclusive and open-ended, let's get outside!

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