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FAQ Group Discussion and Yummy Bowl Taste Off

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This event is to honor the requests I've received for an event where we sit around and have a group discussion about various topics that affect people eating plant-based diets. There are certain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and some not-so-frequent, which benefit from discussion and sharing.

Some Topic Ideas We Could Cover:
* How do you answer people when they want to know where you get your protein? Calcium? Etc.
* What are tips for people who don't like to cook, but still want to eat healthy?
* What are the ethical problems of eating dairy and eggs? After all, no one gets killed, right?
* Why do people like tofu? Is there a secret to cooking it to make it taste good?
* What are your favorite recipes? Cookbooks? On-line resources?
* Where do you shop to get your groceries? Where are the best deals for common foods that people on a plant based diet eat?
* For people in transition: What are some tips to make it easier?
* How do you deal with family, friends and co-workers who just don't get it?
* What is the best way to share with people the link between Global Climate Change and eating meat, diary and eggs?
* ETC!!!

If you have questions to add to this list, please include them in the discussion area below. I will have a handout of suggested questions/topics at the meeting. (Of course, we can discuss whatever people want to at the time even if it is not on the list.)

We can't just meet and talk without also eating. It's a rule somewhere. I was thinking that the following would be fun: I will buy a bunch of sauce from Cafe Yumm. I will also make a home-made version of a similar sauce that is oil-free. You will bring one of the ingredients in a Yumm bowl. And we will all make and eat Yumm bowls - and see which sauce we like best. I will share copies of the home-made sauce if you are interested.

Ideas for What To Bring
> rice (brown please?) (Maybe a couple people could bring this)
> quinoa
> beans (any kind!) (Maybe a couple people could bring this)
> sliced olives
> cilantro
> avocado
> salsa
> chopped tomato
> sour cream (dairy-free)
> baked, seasoned tofu
> Anything you think will be good! - as long as it is meat, dairy and egg-free.
If we get more than say 10 people sign up, then it would be nice if a couple people brought (vegan) dessert instead of one of the ideas above.

I have sent an e-mail with directions to my house and additional information about the event. Please let me know via my gmail address if you did not get the e-mail or you sign up after I sent the e-mail.

Meetup will keep a wait list. Please manage your RSVP if your plans change.