Beautiful Bodies: Real Conversations Between Mothers & Daughters


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Mothers. Daughters. Relationship. Intimacy.
The relationship between mothers and their daughters is by far one of the most powerful relationships we women will ever experience. For some women, the relationship is strained. It is of duty and it is based in shame and guilt. While for others it radiates love, acceptance and empowerment with deep connection.
The relationship between mother and daughter has the possibility of creating love that radiates far beyond the immediate parenting space.
In the same it can wound deeper than many other intimate relationships and is the base wound that can hinder a woman’s life with many challenges around self-confidence, desire, good partner choices, abandonment, and victim hood among many other hold back patters and beliefs.
When a mother chooses to live her life as a full expression of her authentic self, she also provides the grounds to nurture this safe confidence and self- love and acceptance in her daughter. Her daughter learns how to step into who she truly is and get aligned to her own beauty and power thus living an abundant life.
When a mother chooses to step into doing the transformational work to heal herself of the wounding that she may have been trapped in from past relationships, life experience and parental issues she also gifts these empowering resources and understandings to all of the females in her life.
Let Kendal Williams and Kim Holden share with you and your daughter in this eye opening, raw and deeply intimate conversation and sharing on the power that our relationship with self can have on our most cherished connection: our children.
This intensive small group conversation will venture into the heart space of mother-hood.
It will open up the lines of authentic communication between mothers and daughters and will tap you into the immense power we mothers have on our daughters whole life experience.
Come enjoy this candid exploration into motherhood and daughter-hood from the eye’s, real life experience and educational support from Kendal Williams and Kim Holden as they share with you their personal progression in motherhood. Their combined over 50 years of parenting experiences as well as how they transformed from living in fear to living authentically.
In this workshop explore:
Wounds from the Mother
Our Mirrors
The Gift of Vulnerability
Living Integrity Leads To Empowered Children
How to Teach Your Children Healthy Boundaries
The Power of Agreements
Presence Vs. Shame
Love Your Daughter, Love Yourself
and More.
This candid real world workshop is designed for women of all ages (12 years and up) with the focus on the mother-daughter relationship.
We have rated this workshop PG-13.
*As will be discussing womanhood, menstrual cycles, conversations of sexual expression and health. All topics are designed to connect mothers and daughters in a safe small group setting.
However it does not require that you come with each other.
If you have any questions please private message Kendal or Kim.

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