Python Intensive Study Group


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Python Intensive study group - We will go through quickly on the major areas of Python from variables, data types, classes, etc. After brief introductory python sessions, we will jump into sample projects.

Course Material:
There are so many online courses and books. We will use Think Python 2 as the main course book and use several other books as references. I recommend that you find suitable study materials to meet your skill level. The goal of this study group is to gain programming confidence through hands-on exercises.

You are required to have a laptop with Python installed. PyCharm and Jupyter notebook should be also installed. We will be flexible in terms of courses based on the experiences of members.

This is two weeks course MON-THUR. 10:00AM - 11:30 AM
Please PM me if there is a schedule conflict and let me know a better time for you. I will see if I can find another time for you.

The maximum group size is 6 people to maintain quality communication and you need to attend from the first day and cannot jump in the middle of the session.

Registration/Application (Just specify your technical backgrounds and goals) is required and will notify the location and send you links to materials as well.