What we're about

This group is for people of European descent. It is not meant to be exclusive, but from all the singles in Toronto this is the only place where we can gather. Thank you for understanding! The group doesn't just function as a singles but as a way for us to hang out and chat. We have one event coming up in May.

My other idea would be to set up a bigger network here. As such, I can waive the $1 fee if you bring one European friend to this group.

Upcoming events (1)

First Euro Singles Ever!

Chalkers Pub Billiards Bistro


We are going to have the first European Singles meetup at Chalkers Pub in Toronto, near Glencairn station. It's a great place with lots of room, pool tables and good company. We will be in a general area, which means we can interact with others as well. So far, this is a general meetup and I still need to confirm with the location, but note the meeting will likely be in the upstairs in the area around the bar. More details are coming but reserve the time and place! Note this will be one of the only places where we can celebrate our ancestry, heritage and to move forward as a body of people. I am hoping that the meeting will create not only relationships but lasting friendships. Also, I apologize for the late notice with this meetup. I had it planned about 4 days ago but had so many things come up that I forgot to formalize it here. The fee is by donation only, so you don't have to pay the $1 if you don't want to ;) This is just to cover the monthly meetup fee.

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