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EGP is a group to facilitate the learning and playing of Go (Weiqi).

Borne out of the axial age, Go is an ancient game. Seemingly simplistic in objective and rules. Infinitely vast in variety. It wasn't until 2015 that a computer could effectively beat a professional Go player.

A game more limitless than the number of atoms in the universe. Cast your stones. Encircle your territory. Give it a Go!

The objective of Go is to encircle, thus gaining control, of more territory than one's opponent.

There are two rules to playing Go:

1. Liberties. All stones played must have at least one liberty (one free adjacent line or connection to greater territory).

2. Ko. This a rule to prevent an infinite back and forth: stones cannot be returned to previous positions.


How to play go by Udacity: https://youtu.be/5PTXdR8hLlQ

strategy for beginners: https://youtu.be/HfiwO2Cq4Qk
Complete Rules of Go: http://www.usgo.org/files/pdf/completerules.pdf

Concise Rules of Go: http://www.usgo.org/files/pdf/conciserules.pdf

Way To Go pamphlet: http://www.usgo.org/way-go

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Go at Tin Man

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