Breaking Away from console.log(): DevTool Tips and Tricks for Smarter Debugging

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If your work often involves having to solve front-end problems fast and editing pages in real-time, you are likely relying on a few tools and methods for web debugging. This session will focus on how to utilize some of the great features of Chrome DevTools in helping you debug smarter, while also speeding up your workflow.

We will focus on tips and tricks that you may find useful, including:

-Environment customization
-Creating/updating style rules
-Reproducing JavaScript bugs

Some may already be part of your toolkit, while others may be brand new and impress you enough to use it at the first opportunity. For more seasoned DevTools users, some of the features we will discuss may be familiar, but could serve as a great refresher. No matter the experience level, dedicating some time to learning something new about DevTools can only lead to a better workflow and faster debugging.

About the presenter...

Kim Sarabia is a front-end developer for a digital agency called Chromatic (­). Kim has enjoyed coding ever since she discovered that she could use HTML/CSS to customize her Neopets pages as a teen. Throughout her career, Kim has played a wide range of roles, including managing the finance and technology needs of nonprofits, teaming up with small businesses on web and graphic design projects, as well as working for a web optimization shop as a front-end developer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and practicing yoga.

We will meet at Central Library in Browning Event Room B. Lunch will be provided.