Tiger's Realm Non-AL 5e

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Every week on Wednesday


Tiger's Realm D&D 5E is an ever changing adventure in which your characters will persist from session to session while amassing fame and fortune as in the origins of the Dungeons & Dragons of old, well at least if they survive. New players are welcome to join the fray at any time. We have a base group that is almost always in attendance and are happy to have both advanced and novice players alike.
I am converting old modules in their truest form, with all of the dangers that the original creators envisioned.
Join us if you care for adventure and wish to have a fun and productive session.
Any NEW players will need a Point Buy or Standard Array based stat score and will start at level one. You can contact me in regards to the race or class you wish to use as I do not hold you to just a few books.

Almost anything can be possible in worlds of magic and sorcery!

I use Greyhawk, Spelljammer, Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, Eberron, and pretty much any kind of content that I think will both challenge my players while providing them the most fun I can think of(I am currently working on a conversion of the Dragonlance setting). We have an active discord channel, although I will not be using Warhorn. I want to keep my sign up areas and discussions limited so that everyone see them at all times instead of having multiple areas that could be missed.