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7.3.18 Hello and thank you for checking out this group. I have changed this group to a basic 50 member Meetup membership. As of right now we are at 50. There is a waiting list. I also don't post a ton of events these days and focus more on after work stuff such as dinner or weekend morning coffee or breakfast. You are welcome to message me about joining an event you see posted. I generally would allow you to join unless there is a limit on attendance.

Please don't message me to promote an event in another group, if you are not a an active member in *this* group. Thanks!

Calling all Urbanites living in Everett! Are you a "City Folk" at heart? Are you looking for a Meetup group which focuses on downtown Everett? And occasionally other nearby Everett locations. Events such as happy hour, dining, live bands, and just doing stuff to get out and be social? Lets go out and see what this town has to offer. See some live, up and coming bands - not cover bands. Check out the eateries and dive bars. Have a coffee day or do a beer tasting. Swedish Pancakes or a photo stroll. Or what ever we can scrounge up. You don't have to live in downtown Everett (I don't), but you do have to want to come to downtown Everett ;-)

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Dinner Out! Avocado's Mexican

Avocados Mexican Grill

It's time for a dinner out! A winning location has been chosen and a NEW DATE! As I feel like I'm coming down with something and don't want to share, I think it's best to move this a week out. Hopefully you all are still able to make the new date! If not, I i understand. I have't been to Avocado's, but I've heard good things about it. When it first opened I said, that place has gotta be good, it's Avocado! Really sorry to move the date as I was so looking forward to dinner out with y'all! But next week! Limit is 6 - so please keep your RSVP updated.

Snohomish Senior Center Breakfast - $5.00!

Snohomish Senior Center


The Seniors I chat with at Swedish Pancakes rave about the 1st Saturday of the Month Community Breakfast so I decided to check it out! It's only $5.00! Not the most appetizing picture on their website, but they do have more than just pancakes. http://www.snohomishcenter.org/dgx_events/test-event/ And if it's just that bad, there is always the bakery in Old Town... Bring cash! $5.00 + tax Limit is 8 I'll do my best to be there by 9:30!

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Swedish Pancakes made by Norwegians

Normanna Hall


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