What we're about

Our group is dedicated to a gentle and practical approach to spiritual growth. We base our meetings on the book, "Everyday Spiritual Practice," which is a collection of 38 essays by Unitarian Universalist ministers and laypeople who recognize that teaching spirituality involves using one’s own life as an example. These essays describe how spirituality can be present in everyday activities such as traveling to work, talking with our children, saving mementos, working in the garden, and having dinner with our family.

At each of our meetings, we use the technique of deep listening to discuss one of the essays. We first read the essay aloud and consider how the essay relates to our lives. Then we pass around a ceremonial bowl and speak our thoughts. In the technique of deep listening, only the person holding the bowl speaks. We do several rounds of this, and then close the meeting with spiritual words.

Although our background is in Unitarian Universalism, we welcome all those who aspire to spiritual growth. We believe that if we can become practiced in carrying out our everyday activities with mindfulness, sensitivity, and caring, we will find ourselves experiencing greater satisfaction and meaning in our lives.

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