2nd annual 😈 Cards Against Humanity ♅ Uranus 🌐 Style - Framingham

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On October 28, 2019, a celestial event called URANUS AT OPPOSITION will commence. Uranus, the gassy giant, is going to get high - & will stay up all night to get lucky. What better time to party? Let's celebrate URANUS AT OPPOSITION* by playing CAH & other NSFW games. What you smoke/take to get high (in solidarity with the 7th planet) beforehand is your own business. 😉


I've written a Uranus-themed CAH expansion pack to add into the regular CAH mix especially for this evening. You can make/bring some, too!

BTW, Uranus is tired of being the butt of our jokes. Still...did you know:

-- 63 Earths can fit inside Uranus? 64...if you just relax.

-- Uranus is not visible to the naked eye?

-- Uranus is so big...it's a planet.

You're welcome to arrive & depart as your schedule necessitates. We're happy to rotate people in & out of the games. That's one of the beautiful parts about CAH...people can join & leave with each round.

Some people order dinner (&/or apps & drinks). Please plan donate $2 to cover the new cards + monthly fee Meetup charges for maintaining the Obnoxious Games group online.

This is a multi-group event. Please RSVP here, or in another group, but not in multiple places. Looking forward to seeing you there!