What we're about

Everyone's a Teacher seeks to uncover the teaching talent in everyone of us.

Most of us are passionate about something, maybe a niche interest, an intellectual pursuit, an unusual hobby or an area, in which we've developed or are still developing a level of expertise. Let's learn and practice together how to share our passions, how to convey knowledge and pass on a new skill. We will all share instructional design techniques and education technology hacks, and test them. (Re-)Discover your passion and learn how to share it.

We believe...
Life's about learning!
Everyone's passionate about something interesting!
Everyone can teach someone!

Besides, you never really learn something until you teach it.

Join us if you want to share your passion, skills and knowledge, further develop yourself and - most of all - have fun doing so!

To start the first step, have a look at the worksheet "EaT - Your Course - First Analysis (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1acv9rccs0uk78h/AABDbPHoufsy8D7_Nf641ryPa?dl=0)" and join our next meetup.


More about the structure and purpose...

In the spirit of Everyone's a Teacher, the ultimate goal of this meetup group is for every member to create an own course in their area of passion. To help each of us achieve this goal, we will ask related questions:

About passion, motivation and purpose...
- What am I passionate about?
- What message do I want to spread? To whom?

About teaching...
- What are my motivations for sharing knowledge/skills?
- What skills/knowledge can I and do I want to share?

About teaching techniques...
- Instructional design: How can I design my course to reach its purposes?
- Information mapping: How can I organize the content in the most logical and useful way?
- Presenting from your passion: How can I make my course enriching to others? How can I inspire curiosity in others on this subject?

And many other questions and topics.


Here's an example:
A member may be passionate about language learning. She has developed a certain expertise. She wants to spread the message that most language learning is missing an important point, e.g. certain techniques that would increase language acquisition and retention. This member would develop a course step by step around this topic. We would help her develop and practice presenting her course by giving her feedback. In turn, she would give us feedback on our courses. She may develop blended learning, having online and local, face-to-face components.

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Develop Your Own Course (fee: €10)

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Developing Your Own Course

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Developing Your Own Course

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