The Energy of Your Story

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Every time we speak about ourselves (and even when we talk about other things) we convey messages to those around us. These messages are key in attracting things into our lives. Do you think about the messages you send to others when you talk about yourself?

At this event we will discuss the energy these stories carry. You will be able to explore the stories that you tell and the messages that you may be conveying to others. Additionally, we will take a look at what those stories may be manifesting in your life.

Then, we will explore fun and creative ways to change our stories when we want to convey different messages or attract new things into our lives.

This class is for you if . . . you desire changes in your life, want a new friend or partner, want to move up in business, want to change a repeating pattern in your life, or you simply want to attract new things into your life.

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