Ice Blocking, Picnic & Music


Ice what??? Ice blocking is a recreational activity in which individuals race to the bottom of a hill sitting on large blocks of ice. The only equipment needed is some large blocks of thick ice and clothing, preferably padded. Old towels have been recommended to sit on

Be prepared to get dirty and have an unbelievably fun time! A few people made their own ice blocks last time, but ice blocks can also be purchased anywhere ice is sold.

With record high temperatures in many parts of the nation, it’s not shaping up to be a white Christmas for most of us, but the lack of snow ( doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one of winter’s favorite pastimes.

If you’ve got a box, a trash bag, some water and a freezer, you’re just hours away from a fun-filled day of snowless sledding.

For decades, innovative teens and college students in warm climates ( have participated in an activity known as ice blocking, which involves “sledding” down grassy hills atop blocks of ice. But it wasn’t until recent years that the ice blocking got its own website.

Johnny Roller created ( to share his knowledge of the activity, complete with safety tips and a how-to guide.

Interested in hitting some snowless slopes? Here’s everything you need to know about ice blocking.

Feel free to bring a barbecue to grill food or any potluck item & items for solo cups.

We will need a few EZ ups and table so if you have these, please post in the comments.

Questions, private message me...