12th annual Old Sacramento Tree Lighting

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Everything Under the Moon & Stars
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The "Macy's Theatre of Lights" has become a staple in Sacramento, but the lighting of the tree is what kicks off the holiday season.

The holiday tree stands at a massive 60-foot height and is usually at the center of the event. Before the public gets to view that final product, the transformation and prep work is key to this eight-year success.

The tree's journey starts almost four hours away in Burney, California with Carlton Christmas Trees, LLC.

"They have provided the tree for several years now." said Scott Ford, Old Sacramento's Operations and Policy Coordinator.

The company begins selecting the trees in August and September, finding them in the woods on the outskirts of Burney -- not directly in town.

It takes three to four people at the very least to cut down the trees, according to a representative with Carlton Christmas Tree LLC. After the trees are cut, they haul them back to their base location where they spray each tree with fire retardant to prevent fires and preserve the tree.

Following that process, they generally install the lights, which is done for most locations they provide trees to. But the Old Sacramento event team chose to do it themselves, and has been constantly decorating it for the past couple of weeks.

“These memorable light shows demonstrate an amazing caliber of talent, lighting and sound expertise and we cannot wait for more visitors to experience the magic of the event and also see what exciting offerings are available throughout the district.” Old Sacramento District Director Brooksie Hughes said in a press release.

The tree lighting reveal is open to the public at 6 p.m. Wednesday on Front and K streets in Old Sacramento, followed immediately by the Theatre of Lights.

The live entertainment begins an hour before, at 5 p.m., with the event being presented by Umpqua Bank.

Parking options: Old Sac Garage (2nd & I) is $1.50 each half hour up to 6pm then they drop to $7 nightly max charge. Other garages in the area may have similar rates. Metered street parking will be around $1.75 for one hour if you can find it. This info was taken from https://www.cityofsacramento.org/Public-Works/Parking-Services
so visit that site for more information.

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