Annual Christmas Caroling @Convalescent Homes


This evening, we gather with friends and go to a local nursing home to sing Christmas carols.

Music books are provided.

Arrive a bit early to each stop - it will keep us on time.
Arrive by 4:00 pm please.

It was just an amazing experience. Lovely. I wish you could have been there to hear the residents sing with us. There is something about singing while someone is singing to you at the same time. We were singing to them, and, as they joined in with us, they were singing to us. Combine that with the fact that they were songs about the birth of Jesus, which are songs that are special to our friends and family. What a marvelous feeling in that room!

4:30 Roseville Care Center, 1161 Cirby Way (near Sunrise)
5:45 The Terraces of Roseville, 707 Sunrise Blvd.

Questions, Private message me...