Cybersecurity Penetration Testing: An inside look on how a pentest is performed

EvolveSec - Chicago Cybersecurity
EvolveSec - Chicago Cybersecurity
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November 28, 2018, 6:00 PM CST, Location: Online

Jim Holcomb, a senior security consultant at Evolve Security, will walk through how an actual penetration test is performed by a consultant. Don’t miss this inside look into a live exploitation demonstration.

Jim Holcomb will also be the instructor for Evolve Security Academy’s Penetration Testing Track /02, beginning January 28th - February 28th. This training will meet Monday through Thursday from 7pm-9pm for 5-weeks. The training is immersive and hands-on, delivered remotely through live instruction, recorded lectures and lab tutorials. Students will gain the knowledge to deliver a full penetration test at the network and application layer, from scoping, threat modeling and discovery to vulnerability scanning, exploitation and reporting. Each lab is created based off real world situations encountered by Evolve Security penetration testers. There are no capture the flag exercises, made up scenarios or silly puzzles. This training is designed for anyone who wants to become a penetration tester or who is interested on how hacker breaches an organization.