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Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Higher Self but Didn't Know What to Ask

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OTTAWA: Sunday May 5th, 2013 1:00

Illuminate Your Spirit! Illuminate Your Spirit!

Wow, join us in a wonderful buffet brunch fresh fruit, lots of vegs, and everything else you can imagine.

You can sit, relax, drink a warm cup of tea and talk to your dear departed Aunt, or find out when the love of your life will enter in your life ....all at one time! We've arranged a quiet, private space to answer all your questions.

We have done this event before and it's a lot of fun! and the food is GREAT!

There are 3 Psychics! We will have a bite to eat and see what the Future holds!!!!

Join us for enlightenment, bliss, higher consciousness, and messages from beyond.

Each person will receive psychic messages, perhaps from your departed loved ones.

Come and join us and listen to our guest presenters, gifted healers, clairvoyants.

They have so much to share! Learn about yourself, and what is possible. What happens is meant especially for you as the gifts of our presenters are demonstrated

Energy healing, Reiki, Quantum Touch,get energized with the healing power of universal energy!

Learn about Past lives, find out about our guides and life before life and life after death, and more.

Help us raise the consciousness of the universe, in these years of CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING! It's not the end..just a new beginning.

A new vibration.

Join us as we integrate our beings into the fifth dimension. Let go of fear, grief, sadness, your departed loved ones are closer than you think.

Get in touch with the infinite power of the universe that is within you. YOU are the essence of inspiration, and the pure bliss of your manifestation in the physical.

Please join energies with us to expand higher consciousness.

Everyone will receive personal messages and experience energy healing..

Buffet cost is a reasonable $11.99 (not included in the meetup fee)You do not have to buy the buffet to participate.

Since our time is limited we are offering a few private readings. Call 514-463-4087 for an advance appointment to make sure you secure a space.

About us:

JUDI FONER (co-organizer)

"Judi Foner is a channel of universal energy, bringing forth empowerment, awareness and messages from beyond. She is a conduit for the Fifth Dimensional Energy of Love and Healing. Judi facilitates an atmosphere of growth and empowerment, bringing this message to all.

From the universal love consciousness, which flows through her, she brings messages that show people empowerment happens and is realized, when they release thoughts, emotions and ego attachments which color their reality of WHO they really are. Judi is an gifted intuitive and medium, personal transformation facilitator, and intuitive business coach, healer, teacher, author and artist. Her accurate readings have been helping people predict relationships, health, love, finances, soul purpose and lesson, karma and past lives. She has been consulting in this area for over 25 years.

She is able to contact spirit guides and departed loved ones, and understands the messages of plants and animals. Judi can insightfully and with graceful intuition answer your questions. She manifests the universe and its gifts with a sincere desire to help others, touching all with her loving and compassionate energy"

Jeffrey Weinstein (co-organizer)

Jeffrey is the purveyor of the absolute truth. He is able to intuitively guide you to the inner bliss that is manifest in all of us. The messages that he channels are given in a manner to guide the receiver and come through WITH utmost compassion from the source.

Jeff is an extremely gifted empath,clairvoyant and healer. His ability to impart to us the complete and total awareness of our consciousness is delivered in the most compassionate and knowledgeable manner. Jeffrey is the author of MEDITATION AND THE FIFTH DIMENSIONAL MIND. JUDI and JEFFREY are available for private readings.

These readings and guidance can help you find inner peace and help you make the right choices by providing you with answers to your questions and concerns, and knowledge of future events