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Learn and practice content strategy, UX, and digital tech with us. We host a regular Evolve UX event where you can share your projects and get feedback. And we have a digital content workshop so you can build out your content strategy. Events presented by Evolving Web (http://evolvingweb.ca/).

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Evolve UX Fast Feedback Session

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If you have a project that you want feedback on and you want to present, please contact us and we can add you to the list. Presenters: let the crowd explore your app or site, and we produce feedback that you can act on. Feedback is the content you want. Attendees: be one of the crowd, making new content from feedback. How does it work? We see a demo for a couple minutes, then we speak in 3 rounds: ## first impression, tag, keyword, holistic remarks ♥♥ say what you like, give strong, clear, positive feedback, or "I learned something" Δ▲ how to improve it, what to change, do differently, and why The 1st round creates a new context, after the presented content, the 2nd round highlights what works, and the 3rd final round is critical. Our impressions get expressed in layers. Whether expert or novice, everyone in the room learns from this open outcry process. Voilà une approche de feedback structuré & groupé. Beginner? Yes! Add your voice. The experts also gain during the time you give your impressions, evaluating. Don't feel comfortable in UX? No problem! You'll be one more ♥test user♥ like all the others present in the room. You create value when you attend. You learn by hearing others' remarks. Schedule: 5:45 meet and get settled in 6:00 the 1st presenter gives us content and gets crowdsourced feedback. (.:. several of these content-making feedback sessions) 7:30 we can take off to some other place. At start time, we have some presenters lined up, not all. So if you offer to show your work, tell us ASAP not at the half-time break; and show your stuff to an organizer for a minute so they can introduce you.(*). Get us to explore + discover your app/demo without seeking to persuade. Q&A/FAQ: Q: What's typically presented? A: Wireframes; clickable prototype; alpha app or website Q: Why is feedback said to be the content? A: Feedback is more valuable content than the presenter's material, which is a trigger eliciting original feedback we express as a crowd.

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Evolve UX Fast Feedback Session


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