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Rule of Law

Living in groups? Why form government? How to structure it?
What goals for individuals, and the group? Government's own will?
# Formal government? Same laws for all? Do we have or aspire to the "rule of law"?
With no majority support, or enforcement, is it a law?
How do/should we choose/maintain our government?
Anarchy,Dictator,Theocra­cy,Democracy,Republic? Socialism,Communism,Fasc­ism?
What if immigrants feel differently?

# How is/should government be related to economics? Technology? Communications? Education, public intellectuals?
Can a representative government failing to educate it's population stand?
What responsibilities, if any, does/should the government have to keep people informed?
With the press captured by government can the populous know what's going on?
Does freedom of speech and freedom of the press also mean that the press is for sale to the highest bidder?
Will technology and the internet offset our losses?

# Will elections and amendments allow us to change our government? What forms of political recourse do we have?
What options would be best?
If the system has/does fail, how do we carry on?

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Location and Price:

Upstairs there are many tables and chairs where people can gather and eat. If it's a nice day out, we may sit out on the covered balcony. As always there is a suggested, but by no means necessary, $2 donation which goes towards helping cover the costs of the meetup.