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WINE WARS - A Wine Competition


GET YOUR TICKETS AT: Coming Soon! HOW-IT-WORKS STEP 1: FORM A TEAM Your team may be 1, 2, or 3 persons (but never more than 3!) Each member of your team must be at least 21 years of age on the day of the event. All teams must bring 3 bottles no matter how many people are on your team STEP 2: REGISTER YOUR TEAM FOR THE EVENT Register your team on EventBrite. If you do not have an EventBrite account, then you will be prompted to sign up. It's quick and easy. If you are forming a team, create a team through Eventbrite and invite your friends to join. Come up with a creative team name. For example: Victorious Vino, Sip Happens, Wine Warriors, etc. The more creative, the better! If you are joining an existing team, search for your team name and join it. STEP 3: BUY 3 BOTTLES OF WINE AND BRING THEM TO THE EVENT The wine for the evening is: CABERNET EACH TEAM MUST BRING 3 BOTTLES OF THE SAME WINE NO MATTER IF YOUR TEAM IS 1, 2, OR 3 PEOPLE! When we say BOTTLE, we mean BOTTLE! No boxes, cans, wineskins, etc.! Your bottles of wine should NOT be odd in shape or size. This will preserve the anonymity of the bottles during the tasting. We retain the right to disallow an entry if it is too easy to identify based on its shape/size. STEP 4: DROP YOUR WINE BOTTLES OFF AT THE REGISTRATION DESK At the registration desk you will check in your team and turn in your bottles of wine. At that time you will be given a voting sheet for your team. See Step 6 on how to cast your vote. STEP 5: LET THE PARTY BEGIN! We begin the event with a few words from our sponsors, and from our hostess with the mostess, who is in charge of organizing the event. Then it’s ‘Game On’ and you are free to move about the room and taste wines, enjoy the hors d’oeuvres, network, meet and greet. STEP 6: CAST YOUR VOTES FOR FAVORITE WINE & LEAST FAVORITE WINE After about 90 minutes, we call for votes. Each team is allowed to vote once for their Favorite Wine and Least Favorite Wine. Each team will cast their votes on the sheet given to your team at the time of check in. You will write the number of the bottle of wine that your team liked the MOST and the number of the bottle of wine your team liked the LEAST. If 2 or more teams bring the same wine, votes can still differ depending upon the temperature of the wine, how long it has been open, etc. STEP 7: AND THE WINNER IS... Once the votes are cast and counted, we will award all of the third unopened bottles of wine to the top team, except for one bottle. The team that brought the Least Favorite wine of the evening gets the privilege of taking their bottle back home. This event will be limited to no more than 45 teams. This means that your team has the chance to win and take home 44 bottles of wine! WINNING!!!

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