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Work-related burnout is a common issue that hurts people and profits. Find a clear path to happiness and productivity even under ever-burdening responsibilities.

Diary of a Burned-Out Executive:
No one told me that success would try to kill me. No one offered help. I resigned and left global responsibilities vacant! With my experience of working in 20+ countries, I learned that executives, leaders and even employees are constantly pressured to take on more and more responsibility leading to stress and burnout.

This meetup will provide support by sharing:

• Quick Fixes: Shed stress within hours.

• Lifestyle Changes: Simple adjustments change how you feel within days.

• Intensive: Dig deep to remove the root causes of burnout.



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Work / Life Balance

70377 Gerald Ford Dr

We will share ways to find happiness and productivity under stressful working conditions. There is no charge for this meeting. I'm simply paying to forward.

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