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Guided by leading experts, the EXECUTIVE CYBER-RISK ROUNDTABLE is a community of, and for, organizational leaders, senior executives, and others whose role is strategic and whose goal is to make their organization and industry stronger and more secure by working to eradicate cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, and organizational risk.


Our members receive numerous benefits. This group...

1) provides a private forum, tools, and resources, for facilitating strategic-level discussions and exchange of ideas;

2) creates opportunities for knowledge transfer and sharing of best-practices

3) shares relevant details and timely updates on events and topics of interest to improve members' situational awareness and strategic planning;

4) offers a supportive, entertaining, and educational environment for peer-to-peer conversations, support, and networking;

5) and delivers much more.


Anyone involved in organizational strategic planning, risk management, governance, critical information and data protection, human capital management, supply-chain management, auditing and regulatory compliance - will all benefit from membership.

1) Non-Technical Organization Leaders and Executives

2) Business Investors and Board Members

3) Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

4) Organizational Legal Counsel and Lawyers

5) Medical Practice Managers Chief Medical Officers

6) Human Capital Managers / Human Resources Professionals

7) Chief Learning Officers


Leading experts and experienced real-world strategists in cybersecurity, risk, governance, business asset protection, document and information management, data protection physical security, compliance, and more, will moderate and support discussion topics, provide extensive resources and tools, and more.

Once you have joined, you will receive full group details and access to VIP resources, tools, materials, digital content and more.

Come check our group out. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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