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How to lead a good life? How to fill your life with meaning? Do you enjoy discussing the deep stuff? Do you want to skip the small talk and find a group of people interested in discussing the BIG questions in life?

We are an informal small group of people who like to discuss philosophy. Any age is welcome. The only thing you need to do is turn up, and be willing to politely listen to the views of others.

Due to the global pandemic, all meetups are currently virtual meetings. As such please join us wherever you live in the world. All are welcome, and while it is always nice to see familiar faces, do not worry about attending a meetup even if you have never joined before. Each session is independent of the others and unique. Apologies that we are currently restricted to the English language, and don't have any spare babel fish.

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Colours and emotions

Online event

'Colour in a picture is like enthusiasm in life' Vincent Van Gogh

How do colours make you feel? Not only your "favourite colour," but how do the colours in shops make you want to buy things, the colours on your office wall make you work (or stress you out), the colours of our cities make us feel secure or alienated. We'll discuss the Pantone "Color of the Year 2021" ("Illuminating", i.e. yellow, + "Ultimate Gray") and why Cambridge Blue is green (or is it?)

This is obviously a very visual talk so we'll have some slides to start with, and you can bring you own slides or colours you feel strongly about to show; we'll have screen sharing enabled for everyone.

The zoom password is Philosophy.

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Invited talk: Philosophy of Pregnancy

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