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Organisations are looking for people who can find solutions to challenges in an increasingly complex world. Individuals with specialist skills, and teams of people who collaborate effectively, can help to provide those solutions.

Exeter Consulting Forum seeks to bring individuals, teams and organisations together for this purpose.

Forum Principles

Any consultant, business or other organisation can attend or become involved in the ECF.

No marketing or selling is permitted at Forum meetings except on request. Members of the Forum and attendees at meetings can only market or sell goods and services to people and organisations met via the Forum if asked to do so. This is because we wish to create a no pressure environment which encourages open dialogue and cooperation. A plain description of services and goods offered does not constitute marketing or selling.

If requested to provide consultancy services, consultants commit to deliver services as far as is possible, on a performance basis. This is because we believe that businesses, and especially small ones with limited resources, will be reluctant to take on the cost of a consultant if results are uncertain.

Members or attendees of the Forum would be free to contact members of the Forum directly, or via the Forum, as desired.

Changes to the Forum Principles can be made by a majority of the ECF administrators.


www.ecf.one (http://www.ecf.one/)

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City Gate Hotel

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Boston Tea Party Meetup, Top Floor

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