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I love science but . . . not Scientism which has no answers to the BIG QUESTIONS and just leaves me feeling vaguely empty. This is the existential anxiety we are all saddled with if we swallow the Scientism with the science. Scientism catagorizes these BIG QUESTIONS as foolish wastes of time. But as a human, I know that this is not so. Since we are educated into thinking that the BIG QUESTIONS are foolish we mask this weltschmerz with pedestrian anxieties or physical ailments or obliterate them with medication or entertainment. THERE IS A FACT-BASED ANSWER TO THE BIG QUESTIONS! We'll explore the work of John Michell (How the World is Made), Michael Schneider (Beginners Guide to Creating the Universe), and Tom Campbell (My Big TOE). There really is absolutely provable, easily demonstrable proof of the Intelligence behind Creation and It's benevolence (and humor). Give me ten minutes and I'll show you how to blow your mind and amaze your friends. Then we can spend a decade exploring WTF it all means! Sound like fun? It is and beautiful, too.

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