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Living Well Devon (LWD) - Education to Empower Optimal Health.

We are a voluntary enterprise with a passion to improve community health. We aim to educate on diet, behaviours and lifestyle changes for optimal health and wellbeing.

Dr Charlotte Chandler GP Exmouth and Dr Lucie Wilk Consultant Rheumatologist Lifestyle doctors are the key presenters at LWD talks.

Did you know that 80% of ill health is due to our modern diet and lifestyle?
Humans were not designed to thrive in an environment of a calorie rich, nutrient poor diet, high stress levels, poor sleep and lack of movement. We are becoming sick as a result. Modern illnesses affecting the mental and physical health of our community both young and old are all too easy to see.
The good news is that by understanding the causes of these illnesses and targeting lifestyle change we can treat and even reverse and cure many of these conditions.

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