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A journey of a 1000miles must begin with a single step. Have you longed to take that first step? Have you longed to explore the magic of nature? To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice as it helps one to see how small we are in this world. We dare you to explore - dream - discover. Any place can be reached by taking that first step and let me do all that planning for you as its what am passionate about. Come share your bucket list with me and I will help you make it a reality and who knows your bucket list maybe on someone else's list too. Have you seen all 7 wonders of the world? Have you seen the northern lights? Have you made it to the last continent - Antartica? Have you explored the diverse landscapes and culture of India or that of Japan? So lets travel far enough and you will meet yourself.

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Watch out - Tomatino in Spain
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Spain is a land of many contrasts. The land of Siestas, bull fights, tapas and the greatest food fight. There is not better time to visit Spain than the time of Tomatino!!. Held the last Wednesday in August in Buñol, tens of thousands of people descend on this small town in the morning to throw tons and tons of tomatoes at each other. However Spain has a lot more to offer than Tomatino. We will spend 10 days in Spain exploring the best of what the country has to offer. We will start our journey in Madrid and will take you through the roads of Sierra Nevada , participate in Tomatina and end our journey at Barcelona. 1st DAY – MADRID DAY 2 – MADRID – CORDOBA – SEVILLE DAY 3 – SEVILLE DAY 4 – SEVILLE – GRANADA DAY 5 – GRANADA – ALICANTE – VALENCIA DAY 7 – VALENCIA – BARCELONA DAY 8 – BARCELONA DAY 9 – BARCELONA – ZARAGOZA – MADRID DAY 10 – MADRID.

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