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Spiritual insights and messages/readings is a weekly group that meets every Tuesday night from 7:45-11pm. This group is for spiritual teachings, discussion, meditation, energy work, healing, and messages channeled from spirit. This group is hosted, and lead by Rayka.
Rayka is a profoundly remarkable woman. She is a renowned author, medium, world class athlete, reverend, and has a doctorate in psychology. She opens her home every week to have this group.
This is a group of diverse individuals who gather together to share the path of discovering and attaining enlightenment. The spiritual teachings, and channeled messages are unsurpassed, the energy produced by this group is phenomenal.
We all have a connection to the divine, some of us just need to rekindle that connection, others are seeking to discover or develop it, and many of us are aware of it and want to share it. There is a suggested love donation of $10 for this group. Please RSVP for this group!

Below is an example of what was channeled by Rayka during a class.....

Abraham was channeled in class on the night of 5/18. His energy was extremely strong and rather powerful. He has visited us in the past however this evening he appeared to us with a wanting to teach us how to truly be free and joyful. For joy and freedom are the gifts of trust.

Abraham’s life on earth was one of abundance and prosperity. Abraham came to earth to show us how to use our spiritual energy to bring forth abundance. He was an example of spiritual trust and faith.

Abraham was married to Sarah and together they lived for decades praying and wanting for a child. It was at an old age when Sarah was finally pregnant with Isaac. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son. He was tormented by this task, yet did as requested. In the very moment he lifted his dagger to sacrifice his son; Isaac’s body was replaced by a lamb. Abraham trusted in God to the point he was willing to sacrifice what he had waited almost his entire lifetime for; in return his reward was to have his son returned to him and God brought him abundance.

Abraham reminded us of the tithing and removing all blockages from your conscious mind. The conscious mind is full of negativity. From a young age we are taught don’t do this or that will happen, we are raised with these controlling and limited views. As these negativity sit in our bodies and conscious mind year after year they continue to poison and pollute both mind and body. Abraham reminds us to do our homework, to remove the negativity, and cut the emotions to past memories that are of a lower vibration.

To have a new beginning and to draw in the new energies into our lives we must take the time to remove the old “stuff” from our shoulders. By avoiding the homework we create blockages and we go through life with a sense of protection; but this is a fake protection. I won’t do this or that … so I won’t get hurt. By walking through life with the old “stuff” on our shoulders we limit ourselves with our fears.

God does not create miracles if you don’t trust. Your job is to ask and put complete trust in God’s hands, instead of resisting the energy allow the energy to flow, and miracles will be created. Our job is not to be concerned with the hows or whens. If we worry about our human life for example bills, relationships, etc… we need to take a moment to process this worry. This may be a clear sign that we don’t trust.

If you find yourself not trusting take a moment to dig into the memory that is still holding power over you. This thing that may have occurred could be some type of poison that may have occurred twenty years ago. The soul has no concept of time; thus if we don’t remove this blockage over time it will grow and will limit us. We need to cut the power of the memory and release ourselves from this lower vibration.

God needs people to work with him on earth. How can you work for God if you don’t have balance in your life? If we follow and trust we should have balance with money, health, and relationships. Abraham is an example of a human who trusted, tithed, followed and exchanged energy.

Abraham wants to protect, support, and open us to the endless possibilities and gifts waiting for us. He reminds us that nothing is impossible; he wants to show us how to bring this energy into our own human lives. With a smile and a joking gesture Abraham shows Rayka how he uses one finger to push a large rock out of his way. The rock represents the obstacles or blockages. He instructs us to remove our obstacles with our conscious mind before we interact with the physical world.

Next time you are presented with an obstacle, take a time out, ask for grounding, balancing, and connecting into the energy of trust. Take a moment to work with the energies ask for Abraham’s assistance he will support us in removing all the rocks in our lives. In that moment visualize all obstacles simply being pushed away effortlessly. Ask for confusion, negativity, and all problems known and unknown to be carried away. If there is anything in your life that makes you unhappy, remove it.

An obstacle that is common for all to remove is learning to forgive yourself. Forget about forgiving others, forgiving yourself for everything that has happened to you and for those things you have allowed into your life is the most important step. Forgiveness is what leads us to freedom.

You cannot forgive, love, nor trust another until you have forgiven, loved, and trust yourself. If you balance your spiritual and human self you will find life to be simple easy.

Abraham also talks about destiny of individual soul agreements with God. What is destined to be will be. Our souls are ready to bring “good stuff” into our lives. Negatives will always be around. We should not just avoid them or hide. No more running from them. We need to train ourselves in how to deal with them. Negatives only gain as much power as we give them. They come in a sneaky way to steal something from us. Drawing in the energy of peace and trust is key to dealing with these negative forces.

The best way to protect yourself is to increase the energy of trust you have with yourself and creation. Don’t let jealously close you up. Don’t allow the negative energies to have power of you. I can’t be successful because they she will…. No stop hiding the gifts that God has given you. Share yourself with others and no more limitation or fears.

Confidence, interacting with life, feeling like King or Queen on Earth, no fear in saying NO; these are all example of trust.