How to Run the Most Effective Meetings and Workshops of your Career!


If you run workshops or hold meetings on a regular basis then oh boy do we have something for you...

As you may have experienced, any kind of meeting that involves bringing a group of people together, such as, planning meetings, brainstorming sessions or workshops can often be stressful, de-motivating, and outcome-less.

Good news, we have a solution to change that.
In this FREE webinar we’ll discuss the tangible and repeatable tactics that you too can use to make your meetings and workshops orders of magnitude more effective and actually FUN!.

Some of our clients which have used our techniques (to name a few)
• Netflix
• Twitter
• Slack
• Mercedes Benz
• N26
• Lyft
• AirBnB
• Salesforce
• GE
• Western Digital
• Adidas
• Hewlett Packard
• Zalando
• Lufthansa

• How to prioritize the right ideas without wasting time
• How to turn disparate ideas into a cohesive concept
• How to ideate without endless discussion
• How to accelerate the process
• How to run the best workshops and meetings of your life

• Managers of all kinds
• Company founders
• Product Owners
• Coaches & Trainers

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