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Training - Triathlon-Specific Yoga

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The best preparation you can do for a triathlon competition is to be be injury free on the race day! One of the best ways to guard against injury (other than not-overtraining) is to add yoga into your training regime. So Nick and I agreed that it would be good to include yoga in our club’s training schedule to balance it out by adding advanced stretching and working on deep core muscles which support your correct posture when swimming, biking, and running.

I have put a class together specifically for our club and tailored to exercises which will specifically benefit triathletes.

Price: 10€ for club members, 15€ for non-members

The charge covers cost of the studio, mats provided, etc...


Yoga trains both sides of the body to balance muscle strength and flexibility. The benefits include increased core stability, injury prevention, improved range of motion and better balance.

Unlike other strength training methods, yoga relies solely on the body as an instrument. The body works against gravity to build strength naturally and safely.

It is important to train the body evenly; athletes often experience overuse of certain muscles and under-use of others. In addition, most athletes train in the frontal plane in forward movements, limiting range of motion and mobility in other directions.

Yoga increases dynamic and static strength and mobility and improves posture, which pays off in training and competition. Better elasticity means fewer muscle injuries.

Tightness in particular areas of the body often leads to pain or discomfort in another. For example, athletes tend to use hip flexors and other areas around the pelvic/hip region while running and biking. Lack of flexibility in this area often leads to chronic back pain and lower back injury.

Increased range of motion allows you to swim, bike, and run with more agility, fewer cramps and less discomfort. It’s an activity that can be done anywhere and is beneficial regardless of the duration. Adding just five minutes of post-training stretching will help prevent muscle injuries and enable you to perform more efficiently, and the effects become exponentially better if you do a full and regular yoga sessions as part of your weekly training regime.