• Dinner at Kay Bob's tonight!

    Kay Bob's

    Persian dinner

  • Greek Festival

    Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

    Nashville's Greek festival is this coming weekend. Let's meet Friday evening to enjoy the food, music, dancing, and more! Admission is $3. See https://www.nashvillegreekfestival.com/ for more info.

  • Indian dinner at Taj

    Taj indian restaurant

    Dinner at Taj Indian restaurant within Plaza Mariachi outdoor mall. I just picked this day at random since a lot is going on on weekends. If another works better open to change it.

  • Play reading

    Belmont University -Trout/Black Box Theatre Complex

    My friend Judy, who some of you may have met at the Travel Ban dinner, asked me to invite the group to her play reading at Belmont. The time slot is a bit odd but if anyone can make it the play has the premise of a family arguing about politics at Thanksgiving. She said people who welcome immigrants would probably enjoy the sentiment of the play.

  • Colombian Independence Day Celebration

    3955 Nolensville Pike

    Plaza Mariachi https://plazamariachi.com/ Celebrate Colombia’s independence with an all-day event starting at noon and lasting through Bailamos with Colombian food, music, dance, culture and more! Although the MeetUp event is slated for two hours, the celebration scheduled time for Saturday, July 20 is 12:00 pm - 2:30 am. The Colombian Declaration of Independence refers to the events of July 20, 1810, in Santa Fe de Bogota, in the Spanish colonial Viceroyalty of New Granada. They resulted in the establishment of a Junta de Santa Fe that day. The experience in self-government eventually led to the creation of the Republic of Gran Colombia. A revolution caused by a flowerpot On July 20th 1810, an uprising in Bogota was seen as the catalyst for independence and it is that uprising that is celebrated by the Declaration of Independence holiday. Colombian Independence Day is celebrated with parades and marches throughout Colombia. Watching sports and listening to traditional folk music are popular activities. Llorente's house in Bogota, the scene of the flowerpot incident is now the '20 July Museum' and a popular place to visit on July 20th.

  • French Festival

    Sevier Park

    Celebrate Bastille Day and French culture! I'm creating the meetup for the middle of the event which actually runs from 3-8. So anyone is welcome to arrive earlier or stay later. https://www.facebook.com/events/334888103842510/

  • Game night

    Patrick's house

    My friend Patrick is hosting a game night and says all are welcome. Bring food item or drinks to share, and any games. There are about 10 people coming so far.

  • Latin music at Douglas Corner

    Douglas Corner Cafe

    Full band performance with our friend Pablo Garzon on violin. Douglas Corner Cafe on Saturday July 6 from 6-8pm

  • Viva Frida Festival

    Plaza Mariachi

    "The Viva Frida Festival will celebrate the life and work of Mexican artist - Frida Kahlo with an outdoor event featuring music, food, art, contests and the unveiling of a new Frida mural that will be a permanent part of Plaza Mariachi." Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/events/606851349809067/ I will plan to be there close to the start time though I don't expect to be there all day. Since this is an open, outdoor event, I expect it to be casual where people can come and go as they please. And there's plenty of time make it to the next meetup that evening at the Douglas Corner Cafe.

  • Zip Lining

    Adventure Park at Nashville

    “Event time is 5:45 PM on Friday, July 5. Participants should register for this time and date online and pay online at https://mynashvilleadventurepark.org/general-admission/. The general admission fee is $54.00 + $6.50; $60.50 total. Payment receipt and a link to the online park liability waiver will be emailed to the participant’s email address after the transaction is completed.”