What we're about

This group brings together expats and locals in Antwerp who are looking to meet new folks and have fun!

People have different personal situations but often ask the same question: where to meet other interesting people? Are you in one of the following situations? Then this group is a good place to start.

The group is open for all sorts of events. At the same time the group is dependent on the pro-activity of members like you. Don't see your favorite event? Simply suggest it in the comment section or contact Michaela Ray or the co-organizers. We will be happy to get your event published or support you with your questions about event hosting.

Is this group for me?

- I recently moved to Antwerp for work and I don't know here anybody. I want to meet people after office hours.

- I have been working here for a while, I am single and I would like to meet other singles to possibly start a relationship.

- I came here with a spouse, left my job behind and haven't found a new one yet. I have time during the day and I want to meet others in similar situation.

- I can't find a job, so I am starting my own business and I want to let others know about what I do or have people test out my service / workshop / product.

- I am a home stay mom with small kids, I want to meet other moms and have play-dates with the kids and some adult talk.

- I am a single parent and I want to meet other single parents for support, friendship and possible a relationship.

- I am passionate about my culture and I want to share with others something about my culture ( Indian cooking workshop, language exchange, a Belgian who wants to guide foreigners on a guided tour through the city, etc)

- I am passionate about my hobby and I want to meet others who like it too (hiking, sports, baking cakes, making sweaters, laser tag, philosophical discussions, etc)

- I have another idea, not mentioned above, and I believe it would be interesting for the community.

Upcoming events (2)

Expat Life Talks: Expat Dating and Relationships

Needs a location

Thanks to everyone who attended our first edition of Expat Life Talks! By popular demand, in this second edition of Expat Life Talks we will focus on the unique challenges and experiences of expatriate romance. Join us!

We will discuss:
- Moving abroad with or for your partner
- Living apart because of moving abroad (expatriate long distance relationships)
- Meeting people and dating in a new country/culture
- The adventures and trials of intercultural romance

Location will be at Balansis, Eilandje (Ankerrui 13, 2000 Antwerp) followed by drinks somewhere around Willemdok.

Expat Life Talks: Dealing With Cultural Differences

Needs a location

In this edition of Expat Life Talk we will share insights about how to overcome the personal challenges that come from the social differences when you start living in a new country. Join us!

- What do you like and dislike of moving to a new country?
- How do you manage cultural shock?
- What can you do to feel at home?
- How can you adapt to a different lifestyle?

Location will be at Balansis, Eilandje (Ankerrui 13, 2000 Antwerp) followed by drinks somewhere around Willemdok.

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Sunday afternoon with Coffee, Tart and Books

Needs a location

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