Past Meetup

European Heritage Days: Matignon Hotel

Hotel de Matignon

57, rue de Varenne · Paris

How to find us

In the huge line, check for the meetup sign!

Location image of event venue



Update for Saturday:


After Matignon, I suggest the Hotel de Clermont (Foreign Affairs), nearby at 69 rue de Varenne, simply because it is rumored to be for-sale and disappear from the french heritage (so bring your credit cards :o)). I assume we may be able to start queuing for that one around 11:30am, if you want to join us only then.

- Bring something to eat and to drink! The area is not known for its fast food density...

- Bring a light seat, I found mine in one of those small bazaar shops for only 5 euros.

- Bring a nice "real" camera, you may want to zoom into the nice things we will see, mostly in low light conditions, and flash is usually not allowed.

After that, if we are not too tired, we can hit the nearby Hotel de Brienne (Defense) or hike to the Place Vendome to see the Hotel de Bourvallais (Justice).




Morning at the Hotel Potocki (Swiss Embassy, 27 rue de Friedland), then start lining up at 1pm at Salle Pleyel (252 rue du faubourg saint-honore) for the free classic concert at 3pm. The concert ends at 5:30pm. My mobile to find me:[masked], texts preferred.

I am not sure at what time we start, I intend to ask people around me on Saturday how long it was for that particular Hotel in order to plan for the Sunday start...

What an exceptional weekend we have in front of us!


Let me invite you to one of the most beautiful "private hotels" of Paris and the residence of the French Prime Minister... And for free!

The catch? Well, about 10,000 people will invite themselves, too, during these once-a-year Heritage Days.

Check the early time! Believe me I am the opposite of an early bird, but there is no other way to avoid the 4 or 5 hours of line for this one.

So take a portable camping seat, fill in a coffee pot, bring something to eat and enjoy some nice conversation with international culture lovers!

The other places should be less crowded, I am thinking of Hotel Potocki (Swiss Embassy) or Hotel de Talleyrand (US cultural center), or the National Assembly if we are not too tired.

For those interested, on Sunday I plan to go to the Vendome area, then to the free classic concert of the Orchestra of Paris in the afternoon.