Canceled Meetup

Elysee garden visit (if it does not rain!)

Location image of event venue


Thanks to the ones who checked the opening times! See you at 1pm in the line, check for the Meetup sign. Bring something to eat and something to sit down on the grass.

If it starts raining in the morning I will cancel, so please check up the web site (there is a meetup phone app that you may find convenient).

Fancy a picnic on the French White House grounds?

While checking the Heritage Days program, it came to my attention the Elysée gardens open every last Sunday of the month. September may be the last time we can enjoy an outdoors picnic before inviting umbrellas, and yes, I have checked, it is allowed to bring food.

We can even try to imitate the famous official picture of the President, if we find the right spot... Then you can post it on Facebook and pretend you have been elected to something ;)