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Saturday Getaway: Vaux-le-Vicomte, Castle and Chocolate

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*** Update on train schedule / taxi shuttle:

In its infinite wisdom the SNCF has changed their schedule and the train is now departing at 10:35 am - no, don't thank me for the extra time in bed! :)

The train will arrive at 11am at Gare de Melun. The next bus shuttle is then at 11:45am. I think it is better to take a taxi with 4 people per car (4.5 euros per person one way, make sure you have enough cash please). The taxis will be on your left when you exit the train station. I called them and there should be enough for all of us.

I will be at Gare de Melun with a Meetup sign at 11am to make sure you all get into taxis together!


I strongly recommend you book your castle ticket online, we can expect quite a crowd for the chocolate event, and we will save some time if everyone has already got their ticket (link below). Make sure you choose Nov 5th, "Palais du Chocolat", and the full pass. Thanks!


17 august 1661. Nicolas Fouquet, Minister of Finances, invites 23-year-old King Louis the XIV, his mistress Mademoiselle de La Valliere, his mother Anne of Austria and the 600 people of his royal entourage to a sumptuous celebration in Fouquet's castle, Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Incredible buffet, vermeil cutlery, diamonds offered to the ladies, a new comedy by Moliere, fireworks... More than what a king could afford! The young king will never forgive his minister for this humiliation, will accuse him of stealing money and Fouquet will go straight into jail!

Why the chocolate? The first weekend of November chocolate artists will demonstrate their talents with special degustation inside the apartments of the castle. Even better than diamonds...

So postpone your diet, bring your camera and let's start Christmas now!

How to get there by train:

- meeting at Gare du Lyon: 10:15am for a train departure at 10:35am

- arrival at Gare de Melun: 11am

- take the bus shuttle from Gare de Melun to the castle at 11:45am: 7 euros return. Alternatively, taxis are 18 euros one way for 4 people.

Return train departs either at 3:45pm, 5:45pm or 7:45pm, back in Paris resp. at 4:11pm, 6:11pm or 8:11pm.

To buy your castle ticket in advance:

- I recommend the full pass, in order to visit the private apartments and climb up to the dome of the castle. Be careful to select Saturday, November 5th, with the chocolate exhibit Palais du Chocolat (16 euros):

As usual, all activities are carefully planned and nothing will be left to surprise including the weather (ahem...). By popular demand we will start with the castle in the morning and the gardens in the afternoon.

If you're sick of the chocolate, two restaurants will provide to hungry stomachs.

Get to know everything about Fouquet's story (in French):