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3rd DCN Meetup for March 2013 - Introduction of Chinese chūn-jǔan

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Dear DCNers & Chinese Language & Culture lover, The 3rd Meetup of DCN has been finalized with the detail below:

Theme :Introduction of Chinese chūn-jǔan
Chinese chūn-jǔan, is Chinese folk popular traditional snack, which has a long history. In western culture, it usually called spring roll. In China, people eat
chun-juan as we called spring roll during the spring festival, see the spring in, and hope that everything goes well in the New Year. Gradually, Chun-juan become worldwide popular Chinese food and that available almost every corner of the world.

Nowadays chun-juan usually filling generally with the bean sprouts, leek, bean curd doing, some still put shredded meat, rounded, chopped green onion, more advanced chun-juan responded with prawns or oyster, shrimp, mushrooms, Spring rolls with micro fire Fried until golden, crisp outside and soft inside, has Two flavors, a safe sweetener salty, still popular with people.

Where we are : Nihal Chinese Restaurant 大唐渔宴

What Time : 630pm - 900pm @ 22nd March, Friday

What we do:

1. Networking and discussion- Topic to be discussing:

- Practice what we have learned from previous Meetup - use Mandarin Chinese words and sentence .

-How to make authentic Chinese Chun-juan? Try it by yourself...great fun!

- What is a story behind the Chun-juan

- We will learn a few new and useful Mandarin Chinese words and
sentence too.

2. Having fun - The most important fun to us – trying chopstick – with authentic Chinese dinner

3. After Dinner- KaraOk and fun chatting

What we will eat : our complete dinner Manu is below

1. 春卷 Spring Rolls

2. 三丝酸辣汤 Sour& Hot Soup

3. 毛豆橄榄菜 Soy Bean W/ Olive Leaves

4. 土豆牛腩 Braised Sirloin Beef W/Potato

5. 酸菜鱼 Stewed Fish W/Pickled Vegetables

6. 鱼香肉丝 Fried meat slice W/ fish flavored

7. 虾仁炒蛋 Fried shrimp W/Eggs

8. 家常豆腐 Fried Tofu in Home Style

9. 时蔬 Fried Vegetable

10. 冰水 Cold Water (s) 1 bottle/ Head

11. 茶水 Chinese Tea

12. 白米饭 Plain Rice

13. 水果 Fruit Salad

What we should return: The cover change is AED 50.00 exclude
soft drinks that cost we should look after. We will pay it to DCN
ambassador before the event at the venue entrance.

Our event is non-profit social activity to aim at build up a platform for Chinese language and culture lover to learn to share the information and the knowledge.

Your advice and suggestion is important to me. Please feel free to tell us what your thought about our Meetup is.

I look forward to seeing you in our 3rd DCN meetup, cheers !

Many Thanks & warm regards

Qi ( )