Agile & Lean UX Unconference


This is a part of our tri-annual Agile & Lean UX Unconference Series of Events.

Unconferences are great at tackling interesting topics and spurring solid discussions. There is no set agenda but you will find the sessions engaging and you will get exactly what you need out of it.

You should:

• Be open to the experience
• Come with a topic or three that you want to discuss, share your knowledge on, or ask for help - just no pitches or solicitations please.

Timeline • 6:30 pm - Doors open for food & networking
• 7:00 pm - Topics are generated and voted upon
• 7:15 pm - Unconference: Session 1
• 7:45 pm - Unconference: Session 2
• 8:15 pm - Unconference: Session 3
• 8:45 - Insights and Retrospective

About the Unconference Format:

An Unconference (also known in similar flavors as Open Space, or Lean Coffee) is where group members share their knowledge in open spaces. Sessions are generated and introduced by attendees and voted upon and discussed in small groups. There is no set schedule or agenda, so come with a few topics/questions in mind that you're hoping to discuss or get answers to.

The agenda and facilitators are determined at the event on an ad hoc basis with several sessions taking place simultaneously. Members facilitate sessions and attendees attend sessions they are interested in.

Note: Sessions may be recorded and shared with other attendees.