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We'll find the avant garde or classic performance time and place, You buy the ticket. For the connoisseur and newbee to experience something strange and beautiful. Los Angeles is home and host to many avant garde performances and cultural events. Take a chance on any weekend will have performances to attend and we'll chat and eat at a nearby restaurant. Music, theatre, and dance including challenging high brow LA experiments, intimate classics, and the rich tapestry of found culture of the City of Angels. Look at the photo albums and past meetups to see how we can fill your weekends.

New Classical, modern dance, weird horror, drag, opera or black box theater anything pique your interest, Learn about them with us! If you seek out cultural performances like taiko, African dance, Flamenco then RSVP. Need to be reminded of the classics Shakespeare, Sophocles? We go to several a year.

First-timers will be offered a refund of ticket price by me, if they don't rate the show highly.

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Antigone in Ferguson

Online event

Antigone in Ferguson is a dramatic reading of Sophocles’ tale of teh battle to bury one's kin in opposition to the king's decree. Featkuring live choral music performed by a choir of activists, police officers, youth, and concerned citizens from Ferguson and New York City. Part of Michael Brown Memorial Weekend FREE https://www.eventbrite.com/e/antigone-in-ferguson-tickets-112867431526?aff=ebdssbonlinesearch

Drag Legend Jackie Beat is the Class Clown

Online event

Jackie Beat has the voice of an angel and the mouth of a sailor. She writes parodies of your favorite songs, makes an outfit, and puts on a little makeup (a LOT of makeup) to entertain us (quarantain us?). $10 https://www.digitalpridefest.com/shows/jackie-beat-class-clown remember to tip a Queen.

Puppet Slam! : War of the [Puppet] Worlds

Online event

Drama of Works takes HG Wells' story (or the radio/movie IDK) divies it up among a range of puppeteers. The varied crew use many inanimate (and animate) means for visual presentation. DoW then puts it back together in order. Me Likey! https://www.coneyisland.com/puppets says it will be there https://www.dramaofworks.com/punch is the host

Puppets for Justice!

Online event

Finding Great Small Works Spaghetti Fundraiser revealed to me how puppeteers have been often the artists for justice (Bread & Puppet, the puppets in marches, the Trump in a diaper etc) Well Great Small Works are supporting Building Stories with the People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street and the Box Cutter Collective. https://www.facebook.com/events/996851474085375/

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Marimba chamber music

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