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Mead Tastings

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Open for mead tastings and purchases every Saturday (except holidays) 4-8pm


Mead – A general term for an alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of honey in water. If nothing else is added it may be called a ‘Traditional Mead’ or a ‘Show Mead’.

Braggot – A blend of mead and beer.

Capsicumel – A mead made with chili peppers.

Hydromel or Hydromiel – A French term for mead. In the U.S. the term ‘hydromel’ usually refers to a lower alcohol mead.

Hippocras – A spiced pyment.

Melomel – A mead with fruit or fruit juice added. Some terms for specific melomels follow;

Cyser – Apple cider and mead blend.

Pyment – Mead made with grape juice or a mead and wine blend.

Morat – Mead made with mulberries.

Methyglyn (various spellings) – A spiced or herbed mead.

Rhodomel – Mead made with rose petals.

Sack Mead – An often sweet mead with a higher alcohol content ( +14%).

Tej – A traditional mead made in Ethiopia. Traditionally used to celebrate special events but it’s use is becoming more prevalent.

Varietal Honey – Honey derived primarily from a single floral source (i.e. Orange Blossom Honey, Sage Honey, Basswood Honey, et. al.). In some cases the honey will take on the characteristics of the plant it comes from (i.e. Orange Blossom) in others the flavor can be quite different from the parent plant. Most honey sold is a blend of many varietal honeys.


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