What we're about

This group is for the exploration of the Mystery of Consciousness and what it means to each of us.

We are shifting into the next phase of this Meetup since our former organizer has stepped down. We are grateful for his generous start for this group and our thoughts are with him as he attends to his current needs. We hope to have him join the fun in the near future❣️

What is consciousness? What does it mean to each of us? How do we employ our individual consciousness in everyday life? Do you relate to Consciousness from the perspective of a Higher Consciousness, The Universe, Divine Source, God/Goddess ... OR??? It's ALL good 😃

These questions and many more will be pondered, discussed, shared and grinned at through participation with this group. You are welcome to join the conversation at you own speed and comfort level.

This is an environment dedicated to the open-minded conversations fueled with warmth, understanding, compassion and our sense of humor along for the ride 😉

Past events (15)

Voyage of Discovery -- CANCELLED

Jackson County Library -- PHOENIX BRANCH

Spring Consciousness -- CANCELLED

Starbuck's in Fred Meyer's

CCC - Consciousness & Curiosity Chat

7560 Wagner Creek Rd

CCC - Consciousness & Curiosity Chat

7560 Wagner Creek Rd

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