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First and foremost, the main goal for members (40+) in this group is to have fun, while enjoying an outing with friends! At most of our events we will be experiencing Calgary’s ever changing restaurant scene… While occasionally taking part in wine tastings, comedy shows, or even the theater. Nothing is really off limits. If you would like to try something let me know, and we will work together to create an entertaining event!

I stated this group for a few reasons. I found that within my close friend & family group, we kept going to the same couple of places. It was more about just eating, then experiencing the food. With this group, you will find people who want to enjoy the whole event. The taste, the playfulness of the ingredients & the creativeness of the meal. This group will give you a chance to try new restaurants and new cuisines. You can be adventurous or just try a different version of an old favorite.

This group has people 45+ who are in a relationship, but don’t always come with their partner. People 45+ who are single, but might find love with the waitress who gives them an extra piece of cake. People 45+ who are very happy to be single and enjoy an extra cocktail or two.

Changing RSVP:

If you have agreed to come to an event and can no longer make it, PLEASE change your RSVP as soon as possible. Thus giving people on the wait list a chance to join the event. I will be keeping track of people who constantly change their RSVP with less than 24 hour notice.

No Show:

Once you RSVP yes to an event, the Meetup App can be set to add the event to your calendar. The Meetup App will also send you a reminder email a few days before the event…And finally the Meetup App will text you on the day of the event. A reminder will also come from the event host, few days before the event. With all of these reminders, no shows will not be accepted.

If you have signed up to come to an event and do not show up WITHOUT communicating with the event host, you will be removed from the group. You will not be contacted before you are removed however, you will have 24 hrs after the missed event to contact the event host or myself.



Please keep in mind, the event host has put in effort to setting up an event. Please respect their time and energy by making sure you are set up to receive notices and emails on the Meetup App. And most importantly, by keeping your RSVP current.

Last Minute Cancellation:

If you are in a situation that prevents you from attending the event at the last minute, you MUST MESSAGE the event host. If the event host does not hear from you WITHIN 24 HRS, you will be considered a no show and removed from the group.

Wait List:

If you added your name to the wait list but can no longer come to the event, please take a minute to remove yourself from the wait list. This will prevent the Meetup App or the event host from contacting you if a spot opens up.


Please note many restaurants are now adding an 18% GRATUITY to parties of 6 or more. Please always check your bill to see if the gratuity was automatically added. If the restaurant has not added a gratuity, please consider all factors the restaurant/wait staff goes through dealing with a larger group, and tip accordingly.

Don’t forget to check out the PARKING situation before leaving your home for an event, many places now have paid parking. Foodies & Friends is not responsible for parking fines occurred for parking illegally.



It is imperative that if you are NOT FEELING WELL, or have been around someone who has not been well, or around someone who might have been exposed to Covid19 that you not attend the event!

Please take a minute to send the event host a message to let them know you cannot make it for health reasons. (Remember if you do not communicate with the event host, you will be flagged a no show)

As the recent pandemic has affected the way restaurants cater to larger groups of diners, we have had to adjust the way events will be hosted. Since most restaurants will sit a maximum of 6 people per table, we will limit the attendance for events to between 6-12 members.

Since restaurants have also limited the capacity allowed in their space, the event host will communicate major changes in guest count with the restaurant. Therefore, it may not be possible to ADD people at the last minute. Please communicate with the event host if you would like to bring a guest at the last minute.

The pandemic has also brought a few other changes to dining out... Most restaurants now have a MENU you can open on your phone, while a few restaurants still offer throw away paper menus, it is best to make sure your phone is set up to view the menu.

MASKS must be worn to and from the table (or when using the restroom) I also recommend washing or sanitizing your hands before joining the table.

As a group, we should also be careful if/when SHARING food. Make sure not to use or touch the same utensils and each person has their own plate. At this time, we will try not to have family style dining events.

All restaurant employees will be wearing masks at all times. This can make COMMUNICATION/HEARING HARDER. As a table, please have the c​courtesy to stop and listen when the wait staff is talking to others at the table, this way they are not being asked the same questions over and over.

I also suggest DINING AS A ‘TABLE GROUP’...order drinks when you arrive, but wait until all members of your table are seated before ordering food. This makes it a smoother experience for all.

Like many of us during this time, restaurants are working with MINIMAL STAFF. This may mean slower service, or not all menu items are available. We should exercise our patience if there are issues, and when tipping.

Above all, we need to take extra steps to protect ourselves and people around us. Foodies & Friends will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any FINES that may occur for not following city/provincial laws regarding Covid19, nor will we be responsible for health issues that may arise from attending an event.


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