Sai Kung Islands Cruise (geopark)

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Time and place: 14:00 at the entrance of Sai Kung New Pier (nrs 7, 8, 9, 10)

Fee: HK$250, children 3-12 HK $210

Meeting time 13:45-14:00; departure about 14:00, return about 17:00 at Sai Kung pier.

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The Sai Kung geopark is famous for its magnificent hexagonal rock columns, and the sweeping coastal landforms which includes sea arches, sea caves, geos and sea stacks. Besides the interesting geology, the area is also rich in history.

This tour will take you first to Yim Tin Tsai, a now mostly abandoned island, previously a major sea salt production site. What makes this island extra unique is that by 1875 the whole population was converted to catholicism, so instead of temples and an ancestral hall, you can see statues of angels and a church. The island also has it's own saint, St. Joseph Freinademetz, who lived on the island for two years and built the chapel there.

The next destination is Jin Island , famous for its rugged coastline, which is riddled with sea caves and geos, and at the southernmost point of the island is one of Hong Kong's largest sea arches, large enough for small vessels to sail through.

Then we sail north again, towards Kiu Tsui Chau (Sharp Island), which at its southern end has several sea caves, the whole setting resembling an elephant's nose.

Arriving at the beach we get on shore, to check out the pebble beach, a sandy beach, the tombolo connecting the main island to tiny islet Kiu Tau to learn about how these are formed. Furthermore we will go and appreciate the large variety of different kinds of rocks at this tombolo, including the interesting "pineapple bun rocks", where weathering makes the rock resemble Hong Kong's favourite snack, the pineapple bun (bo-lo-bau).

From here it is just a short ride back to Sai Kung town.

The tour includes two times half an hour walking tour on shore, almost two hours spent on board. In case of strong winds, thunderstorms or otherwise adverse weather conditions this tour may have to be amended or rescheduled at short notice. Depending on the tides, the tour may be done in the opposite direction.

For any questions, PM or call/WhatsApp[masked].

Fee per person: HK$250, children 3-12 HK$210

Meeting point: 13:45 at the entrance of Sai Kung New Pier (nrs 7, 8, 9, 10)

Boat will leave about 14:00, return about 17:00 at Sai Kung pier.

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