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Marine Mammal Care Center, Volunteer Opportunity!

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Come down and learn about the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, your neighborhood city. This is your opportunity to see if you have what it takes to become a volunteer working with marine mammals up close and personal. You can make a difference in the world and certainly in the marine world.

You've seen the seals out on buoys and in the waters of Long Beach and other marinas and possibly had the experience of seeing these amazing animals out at sea. You may have had the experience of seeing these incredible marine animals up close, enjoying life in our waters and throughout our Channel Islands. Well, now they NEED your HELP! These kind hearted injured mammals need your assistance in their rehabilitation and care, if your willing, please help them! The Marine Mammal Care Center helps care for and rehabilitate mainly seals but also other marine animals like dolphins when they are sick or injured. Now they need your assistance and help. You can make a difference in a seal or dolphins life. (

This event is an opportunity to learn about our Southern California waters and its inhabitants and how you can have the opportunity to participate in their care and rehabilitation. Last year we cared for a record year of over 560 animals and we anticipate another difficult time this year for our marine friends and their environment. With all the human impact we exert on the marine world it is effecting their environment but you can make a difference by helping them. I am sure you are aware of the problems in the Gulf of Mexico with the BP oil spill, but these types of problems move much farther away from just there. From Malibu to Long Beach to Seal Beach and Huntington Beach, these animals are at constant odds to both natural and human impact and they really need your help in their survival.

Come down to this event, get a behind the scenes tour of the facility and find out how you can have the opportunity to become a volunteer to directly work with and help in the rehabilitation and release of the marine animal life of our local waters.

I personally have been working with these pinnipeds from sea lions and harbor seals to elephant seals and Northern fur seals and even dolphins for the past two years and we are really in need of additional volunteers to help in this upcoming season. This is the perfect time to come down and learn and get experience working with these animals before the next generation of pups are born and are really in need of your help. Now is the time and you just might be their salvation to survival. I look forward to seeing a lot of our members that can come down and commit a little bit of their time in the support, care and rehabilitation of our friends of the sea so that they can be rescued and rehabilitated to return healthy and prosper in the open oceans of our waters!

I look forward to seeing a large committed group come down to support this worthwhile cause. Trust me you will find it to be one of the most incredible and rewarding opportunities of your life! And I am extending this opportunity to all members of the Explore Long Beach Group to become participants and supporters.

See you all here at The Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort Mac Arthur in San Pedro on September 19th at 1:00 PM.

If you think you might be able to commit as a volunteer please print and fill out this Volunteer Application and bring it with you. They will also be provided for you at the event. But you are under no obligation to sign up as a volunteer by coming to this event. It is only an orientation and tour of the facility. But we do encourage your support!

Volunteer Application (

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